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3 Approaches to Water Tank Maintenance

For a wide range of reasons, regular water tank maintenance can improve the quality of water in a system and help ensure that any issues are identified and resolved before they become more serious. One component of a planned maintenance schedule for a water tank is an inspection for bacteria which is usually carried out once every six months. If issues with bacteria are identified then there are a number of steps that can be taken to resolve this.

If issues with bacteria are identified one popular water tank cleaning step is water tank chlorination. This is a cleaning process that can be carried out by specialist water treatment engineers. There are also a range of other approaches that can be taken in the process of efficiently cleaning a water tank. Silver-stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide water treatments offer a highly-effective alternative to water tank chlorination.

Read more for some further information on some of the reasons why regular water tank maintenance is important.

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Water Tank Maintenance – Cleaning

Two frequent goals of professional water tank maintenance are removing biofilms and destroying Legionella bacteria. In some instances, water tank chlorination treatments are not effective in achieving the desired outcome. This is why a range of other water treatment options can be useful. Whilst water tank chlorination remains a popular approach to cleaning tanks, water tank treatment using silver-stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide is considered to offer significant benefits over tank chlorination.

Water Tank Maintenance – Chlorination

If water chlorination is an option for your water system it’s best to arrange an appointment with a professional team. Ensure that your water tank, pipeline, or system is fully compliant with the necessary standards and regulations. Our dedicated team of experts is committed to maintaining the highest level of water quality and safety in every aspect of your water infrastructure. After your system has been tested, you’ll be provided with a chlorination certificate so you can rest assured that your water systems are safe to use.

Water Tank Maintenance – Thermal Disinfection

Thermal disinfection can provide the best outcomes in resolving issues with contaminants and bacteria in water systems. There are a range of reasons why thermal disinfection methods provide a viable option including the benefits from a sustainability standpoint and the fact that it removes the need to utilise chemicals when dealing with the upkeep of your water tank maintenance.

Monitoring, Inspection and Risk Assessments

It is important that regular monitoring, inspection and risk assessments are carried out on water systems in order to accurately identify and resolve issues with bacteria. Microbiological sampling is one approach to identifying harmful bacteria that is present in a water system. By using proven methods to efficiently identify bacteria it is then possible to choose the best option to resolve the issue.

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