4 of the Most Common Plumbing Issues

Because so much of your house relies on water and heating, plumbing issues can be very disruptive to your daily life. Not only this, but many plumbing issues can quickly cause a domino effect or grow bigger and bigger until they’re finally addressed. With that being said, here are four of the most common plumbing issues so you know what to look for.

Whatever you do, make sure you seek help from a reliable plumber like us here at H2O Comply!

1. Broken-Down Boiler

Something most of us have faced is a boiler breakdown. They often arise out of the blue and can be quite an inconvenience, however, it’s crucial to have your boiler repaired or replaced by professionals to keep it healthy for longer. Generally, we find that our clients’ boilers have broken down because they’re old and haven’t been maintained properly. A build-up of rust and corrosion is commonly the direct cause, as is the general deterioration of components, pipes and connections.

2. Bleeding Radiators

Over time, radiators develop small air pockets in their systems which reduces their effectiveness, impeding their ability to warm up properly via water convection. Having your radiators bled entails removing their liquid contents to get rid of these air pockets and, generally, it’s recommended this is done annually. A good tell-tale sign they need bleeding is when your radiators are warm at the top but cold at the bottom as the heat isn’t being transferred equally through the system.

3. Dripping Tap

Dripping taps are a really annoying plumbing issue to experience. There’s firstly the annoyingly monotonous dripping sound, whether it’s from your kitchen or bathroom. Then there are the increased water bills as a result of your accumulated water loss which can be surprisingly high. Both of these impacts will only increase over time so you’ll want to have your tap looked at sooner rather than later. There could be a fairly easy fix, such as installing a new O-ring, but there’s no sure way of knowing if the issue is a symptom of a wider problem unless you ask a professional plumber.

4. Leaking Pipes

This is another crucial maintenance issue as it can quickly cause damage to surrounding structures. For instance, if the pipes beneath your sink are leaking and they’re in a cupboard then you run the risk of damaging any belongings or foodstuffs stored there, as well as the risk of rotting the cupboard’s wood. It’s normal for pipes to eventually need fixing or replacing. Either way, it’s best to seek professional advice to know whether it’s more cost-effective to temporarily fix them or to replace parts of your plumbing system altogether.

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