Pipe Chlorination

H2O Comply is recognised by its clients as the leading water hygiene experts. We are trusted to the work to highest standards within the industry and issue you with the necessary disinfection certificate.

Pipework Disinfection

Our team of experts are able to utilise a range of disinfection methods to disinfect their tank(s) and pipework. Whether our clients request a chlorination or more modern techniques, we are happy to accommodate. We will always advise on the safest and most effective methods.

Our clients can decide to use our cutting edge methods or, occasionally in certain circumstances, choose to have a chlorination carried out. Call us today 0800 689 3463 on or feel free to leave a message so we can assist you and discuss your requirements.

Chlorinating Mains Water

In accordance with the Water Supply (water fittings) Regulations (WRAS), you will be required to disinfect pipe work prior to connection to the local water authority. The disinfection will be carried out to 'BS8558', ensuring there is no risk to public health.