Pipework Disinfection and Maintenance

Disinfection/Chlorinations of new mains pipe work are required before any Water Authority will allow connection to their potable mains network. H2O comply provide a full cleaning and certification of mains pipe work. Equally important is the flushing and disinfection of water systems after additions or refurbishments with certification of disinfection required before any sign off. We provide routine or emergency disinfection/chlorination work to ensure continued water hygiene within systems.

Pipework Chlorination and Pre-Commissioning

Pipework Disinfection

H2O comply provide a full cleaning and certification service for mains pipework. We are ready to carry out both planned maintenance and emergency disinfection/chlorination work.

Water supply companies have their own strict procedures for disinfection work on public mains. They will refuse the connection of new mains supply pipes onto their potable network until the correct disinfection and flushing work has been carried out. H2O comply are experts in the current operating practices of the water authorities in the UK.

We provide full disinfection, chlorination, testing and certification for all types of pipe work. Our specialist equipment allows direct connection into new pipework, and will pump the disinfection solution to all parts of the system swiftly while ensuring consistent dosing of chlorine.

A chlorination and flushing of the water systems is required after additions or refurbishments to the pipework. We provide the necessary work for your whole building to allow any work to be signed off.

Health and safety is a priority to us while chlorinating water systems, to both prevent the accidental draw off of chemically treated water and the contamination of both existing mains and the environment. The disinfection team will place safety warning signage on all outlets of the work, making sure all risks are controlled.

Who is Affected

Pipework Disinfection

Pipework Disinfections must be carried out in the following circumstances:

  • During routine annual system maintenance .
  • For new installations.
  • After system extensions or alterations.
  • Where it is suspected a contamination may have occurred.
  • Where a system has become stagnant.
  • It has not been in regular use or regularly flushed.

Shower Maintenance

Showers have been identified as a route for spreading infectious diseases, including Legionnaires' disease and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. We provide a full shower maintenance, including shower-head and hose replacement.

Pipework Modifications

As the use of the building changes over the years, so too can the pipework configurations and layouts. Sometimes this can lead to "deadlegs", low use areas and over capacity of stored water. We carry out modifications to ensure a system is operating as hygienically as possible and within the Water Regulations of the United Kingdom.