Remedial Services

Recognised by our clients as the leaders in the industry, H2O comply the are the best company to carry out your remedial work.

What are remedial services?

After having a Legionella and water hygiene assessment carried at your site, you may now find that the assessor has identified plumbing and remedial work necessary to reducing the risk of Legionnaires Disease in your water systems.

We offer a wide range of plumbing related remedial works. On this page, we outline just a small list of the types of work we carry out daily.

Water tank replacement and repair

We repair and install all types of water tanks, including cold water storage tanks.

Water tank upgrades

We can bring your water tank back up to compliance, by carrying out insect and rodent screens or adding a new lid.

Backflow prevention

We install all back flow prevention devices and check valves.

Dead leg removal

Redundant pipework needs to be removed. If water cannot flow it will become stagnant, creating a breeding ground for Legionella bacteria.

Pipe work and cold water storage tank insulation

Carried out to minimise heat loss and gains.

Re-routing open calorifier vents

Hot water vents should not be connected to the cold water storage tank. We can re-route them to safe termination points.

Installing and servicing of Thermostatic Mixer Valves (TMV)

We offer a comprehensive list of TMV services.

Galvanised steel steel water tanks removal

H2O comply are specialists at decommissioning and removing corroded galvanised steel tanks.

Water heaters, calorifiers and boilers

Our team are experts at installation, maintenance and repair of all types of water heaters, including Calorifiers, unvented water heaters, gas boilers and hot water cylinders.

Calorifier and water heater inspections

We carry out borescope inspections and reports to assess the internal conditions on all types of water heater.

Pipework repairs and alterations

We repair and can re-route all types of pipework.

Cleaning and disinfection of water storage tanks

We clean and disinfect all water tanks no matter the construction or location of the water tank.

Tank relining

We can reline all types of water tank.

Why choose us to carry out your remedial work?

H2O Comply ensure that all plumbing and remedial work is carried out by our highly qualified plumbing team. We guarantee all work will in accordance with ACoP L8, Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 and Byelaw 30, and to BS standard.

All services are carried out by WRAS approved plumbers. You can be assured of a high standard of service that is cost effective and efficient.