Water Sampling and Analysis

Testing a sample Water sampling and analysis is used as part of a Legionella control and overall water hygiene Scheme. The water supplied by your local supplier should be wholesome and be fit to drink. Where there is the potential for Micro-organisms to grow in hot and cold water systems Microbiological sampling should be carried out. Places that benefit from sampling:

Why choose us?

  • Sampling in accordance with BISRA guidance.
  • Swift consultation on analysis results.
  • Trained to be able to retrieve samples from confined spaces.
  • We work to strict guidelines with current legislation and guidance.
  • UKAS accredited laboratory for analysis.
  • We will fully explain sample results along with any further actions deemed necessary.
  • We carry out all types of water testing, including Legionella sampling.


Water analysis

Total Viable Counts (TVC)

  • Water quality testing.
  • To determine levels of contamination.
  • It is vital that TVC levels are within recommended guidelines for Legionella control.

Coliforms (Coliform and Faecal) and E-Coli

  • Coliform - potential contamination indicator of water source.
  • Coliform - Evaluate quality of water.
  • Faecal Coliform - Indicates contamination from human or animal waste.
  • E-Coli has a short life in water so is an indication of recent contamination.
  • E-coli is a bacteria of the lower intestine.
  • E-coli is rapidly detected on analysis.
  • E-coli detection indicates similar bacteria may be present.

Pseudomonas Aeruginosa

  • Common bacterium will easily colonise a water system and produce biofilm, which affects the taste and colour of water.
  • This biofilm also produces a perfect habitat and nutrient source for Legionella bacteria.

Private Drinking Water Supplies

  • Sampling suites in accordance with the private drinking water regulations 2009.
  • Consultation on analysis results.

Rainwater Harvesting Systems

  • Sampling in accordance with BS 8515:2009 and the Environment Agency guidance.

Swimming Pool and Spa Pool Water

  • Sampling is carried out in accordance with the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG).