Water Tank Cleaning

Water tank cleaning is an extremely vital part of water hygiene. Poorly maintained and neglected tanks can be the perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria such as Legionella, E.coli, Pseudomonas and TVC. These bacteria feed on dirt, scale, rust and debris. To prevent or control these risks, precautions should be taken to keep the system and water clean.

Why choose us?

Underneath a Water Tank

Having confidence in your chosen Water Hygiene company when having your tanks cleaned and disinfected, is of paramount importance. Unlike other companies, our engineers are fully trained in water tank cleaning and chlorinations. They are also fully qualified heating engineers and plumbers. This makes us the best company in the industry. While we mainly serve London, Kent, Essex, Sussex and many other locations throughout the South East, we are willing to provide a service to most parts of the U.K.

What you can expect

If you choose H2O Comply you can be assured that, unlike some rival companies, you won't be left with dangerous overdosing, potential leaks or air locks in the pipework. You can rest at ease when our engineers come to your site. They are fully qualified in their fields, trained to work in confined spaces and have all the relevant equipment required for the task. Our teams carry the CSCS passport to Safety and Engineering Services SKILL card, and are CRB checked.

We carry out all risk assessments and method statements before starting work. You can have confidence all safety precautions and checks have been carried out before cleaning and disinfecting your water tanks. We work in many sectors, and have relevant training and experience when working near vulnerable people.

Tank Cleaning and System Disinfection - Silver hydrogen peroxide

Underneath a Water Tank

H2O Comply are a environmentally friendly company. This is represented in the techniques we employ when carrying out tank cleaning and chemical disinfection. Although we use many disinfection treatments, we primarily use the most advanced Silver Stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide water treatments available on the market. Our proven success tackling "sick building syndrome" is second to none.

Silver Stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide is a far superior and successful way to destroy legionella bacteria and remove bio films than chlorine. Oftentimes, we are called by new clients to assist with problematic buildings where continual chlorinations have proved unsuccessful and very expensive.

We utilise many different tank cleaning and disinfection techniques, depending on which type of disinfection our clients require. During consultation, we recommend our safer and proven methods that eradicate legionella bacteria from their system. Dosed correctly, this product is completely safe to drink and is undetectable by the consumer.

Thermal Disinfection and Pasteurisation

If legionella bacteria is found in a domestic hot water system, it can be eradicated by a thermal disinfection exercise. Thermal disinfection procedures can be applied other bacteria too. This is a very effective and environmentally friendly way of tackling bacteria in a hot water system.

What's in a Water Tank?

Water Tank

Water can be contaminated with many harmful bacteria. A neglected cold water storage tank is a perfect breeding ground for harmful organisms. Cleaning, disinfection and monitoring procedures should be taken to keep the system clean and safe.

Public Health

Drinking water must be wholesome. This is defined in law by standards that cover a wide range of substances, organisms and properties. The standards set-out to protect public health. The definition of wholesome reflects the importance of ensuring that water quality is acceptable.

Mobile Water Tank Disinfection/Chlorination

Due to an increase in demand we now offer a water tank cleaning and chlorination service for mobile water storage tanks that are used for events and festivals.