Water Tank Replacement and Repair

Water Tank Replacement and Repair

H2O comply specialise in water tank repair and replacement. We can facilitate any tank regardless of size or location. If you need a tank we can custom build to your size and specifications

Water Tank Removal

We are experts in the decommissioning and the safe removal of all types of water storage tanks and chemically treated water storage units. No matter the shape, size, location or material, we can help.

The Water Tank removal will be carried out in a safe, swift and cost effective manner by our expert engineers. Our qualified and experienced team will survey your tank and its location to best assess the task and advise you on the most appropriate removal method.

Please feel free to contact us and we will inspect your water tank to determine what type of refurbishment service will be most practical for your requirements.

New Water Tank Supply and Installation Service

We supply and install all types and sizes of GRP water tanks for the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. Our GRP tanks come complete with pre-insulation, recesses for connections, close fitting lid, access hatch with a tank breather vent. The tanks we install are designed to be water potable and are WRAS approved.

Water Tank Relining and Refurbishment

Cold water tank refurbishment can be a cost effective way to save money. If you find that your water storage tank is corroded, we can offer a water tank relining service. This involves applying a coating to the interior of the tank. The type of coating required will depend upon the state of corrosion. The coating we use durable, chemical resistant and most importantly safe. The coating is water potable and WRAS approved.

If you require a custom built storage tank lid, we are happy to manufacture one in whatever material is required. It is very important to have your water tank inspected regularly to ensure that it is not corroded or leaking. Good water tank maintenance will minimize the risk of contamination from legionella and other bacteria.

No job is too big or small

If you are unsure of what needs to be done where your water tank is concerned, please contact us and we will send our highly qualified team to your location. We are happy to provide you with a free estimate for any water tank repair or refurbishment.

Why is it important?

  • The internal surfaces of a water tank must be inspected and checked that it is free from corrosion, silt, scum, scale, stagnation and any other type of foreign bodies.
  • Having a tight fitting lid constructed of a non-wood material. The tank must also have a vent with a screen and inspection hatch if over a certain capacity.
  • Water stored in the tank must be at a temperature lower than 20 degrees Celsius and be clean and fresh with a good water volume turnover.
  • Warning pipes and overflows fitted with insect/vermin screens.
  • Cold water storage tanks need to be adequately insulated.