Upgrading Your Water Storage Tank – The Benefits

Upgrading, repairing, or replacing your water storage tank is vital in ensuring your water supply is clean. As well as this, keeping your utility costs low and your hot water recovery is as expected. Here, we take a closer look at the key benefits of upgrading your water storage tank, to improve efficiency, reduce costs and save space.

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Reduce Utility Bills

An essential benefit of upgrading your water tank system is the positive impact it will have on your energy consumption, and by extension – your utility bills. An older water tank will naturally take longer to heat your water, and in many cases, will struggle to heat the water at all. This puts a great strain on your water heater, forcing it to work harder without reward, ultimately costing you more in your energy bills. By upgrading your water tank and heating system, you will improve your efficiency dramatically, ensuring your home is well-heated in no time.

Improve Hot Water Recovery

As suggested, an older water storage tank is going to take longer to heat your water, which can be highly frustrating in the morning before work, as you would no doubt have to wait some time for your water to heat itself, or face the horror of a cold shower instead. Due to older water storage tank systems taking longer to heat their reservoirs, once the tank is emptied, it’s going to take a while before it can heat sufficiently again. Upgrading your water storage tank will vastly improve the recovery rate of your hot water, meaning you won’t have to wait a lifetime to take a hot shower if your system is empty.

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Save Space with your water storage tank

Look, we’re not talking acres here, but with upgrades in technologies over the years, the size of water tank systems has significantly reduced. They no longer taking up as much room in the kitchen or downstairs cupboard as they once did. Modern water tanks are smaller, sleeker, and more presentable than their earlier incarnations, providing you with a little more space in the process.


While installation costs will vary, and water storage tank systems aren’t cheap, upgrading your water tank and heating system will reduce costs in the long run. As mentioned, repairing or replacing your water tank will impact your utility bills in a positive sense. Improving the efficiency of your home, and helping to keep energy usage at a reasonable and affordable rate.

How can H2O Comply help?

Identified issues in your water storage tank? At H2O Comply, we believe that ensuring your water storage tank is kept free of corrosion, stagnation, and other foreign bodies are vital in providing water purity. We can provide water storage tank repair or replacement services throughout London and across the South East. We aim to remove, repair, or replace your water storage tank as efficiently and as safely as possible. Get in touch with us today. 

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