Facilities management & planned maintenance

Industry-leading Water Quality Consultants for Facilities Management

H2O Comply will help ensure your facilities are operating as smoothly as possible, with exceptional facilities management and maintenance work. We regularly work across London and the South East.

Water Testing and Sampling for Facilities Management

Regular water testing and water sampling are essential for monitoring water quality and identifying potential hazards in the properties you manage. H2O Comply provides comprehensive water tanks, are free from harmful contaminants such as Legionella. 

Our certified technicians provide you with reliable results to maintain the highest standards of water hygiene. 

Proactive Water System Maintenance & Support

Proper maintenance of water systems is vital for preventing issues related to water hygiene and Legionella. Our engineers offer a full range of services, from regular water testing and treatment to addressing water hygiene challenges. We’ll help you maintain the highest standards of water quality, ensuring the properties you manage to provide a safe and healthy environment for occupants. 

Need help with your site project?

H2O Comply are happy to help you with your boiler needs as well as water system works. contact us today to get started.

Safeguarding Your Clients' Water Systems

H2O Comply works on behalf of many facilities’ maintenance companies on a fixed term or sub-contractual basis. We offer expert water hygiene, plumbing and heating services that will fit in with your pricing structure, management processes and schedules. We have built a solid reputation with many of the UK’s top facilities management providers.

If you have won a tender for a hard services contract and have no contractor in place, we will be happy to work with you. We have experience in working with many clients who have had responsibility for large, UK-wide facility portfolios.

Contract Tendering

If you are currently tendering for a potential contract and need assistance on a pricing schedule, give our team a call today, or drop our team an email and we’ll reply as soon as possible,

Some of our client partnerships are based on the client’s availability to send through job orders, instead of handing over full management. If you need a contractor on call 24/7 we are happy to come to an arrangement.
If you are a facilities manager and have a supplier pre-qualification questionnaire, please get in touch

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“Highest quality of works and very good customer service. Helped our site from tank cleans/new installs/ repairs everything we’ve needed doing they have been spot on with…even with specialist pipework no one would help us with. Always willing to go the extra mile and we wouldn’t use anyone else.”


At H2O Comply, we understand the importance of water hygiene and preventing Legionella from contaminating your water tanks. Below we’ve answered some FAQs to offer some guidance, and protect your health. 

H2O Comply proudly serves all those in the South East of Kent, London, Essex, Surrey, Sussex, and Hampshire. Contact us today to get help with your water hygiene needs. 

Water hygiene services can support facilities management professionals by providing comprehensive water testing and sampling, Legionella risk assessment and management, maintenance of water supply systems, and guidance on regulatory compliance. These services help maintain optimal water quality and safety in the properties, ensuring a healthy environment for occupants. 

The frequency of water testing for properties under facilities management depends on factors such as the complexity of the water systems, the number of occupants, and the history of contaminations. Generally, it is recommended to test for Legionella and other contaminants at least every six months. 

To prevent Legionella outbreaks, facilities management professionals should implement a comprehensive water hygiene management plan for each property. This includes regular water testing, proper maintenance of water systems, temperature control, and staff training on water safety procedures.

Yes, H2O Comply is fully UKAS Accredited. So you can rely on our team to deliver a high-quality service. 

We produce a concise, detailed report which will comprehensively cover the following

  • Understanding Legionella Legionnaire’s Disease, and associated risks and legislation
  • Full site specific assessment and observations of your water system
  • Description of the water services within the premises including condition, supply, storage and hot water supplies (e.g. calorifiers or boilers), including schematics
  • All outlets within the property and temperature readings carried out
  • A survey for dead legs either by installation or by limited usage
  • Inspection of materials and fittings for compliance with the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 compliance (WRAS)
  • Site photographs
  • A complete water asset register for the property
  • Water samples from both hot and cold water systems
  • Executive summary outlining recommendations to alleviate any potential risks identified.
Samples collected will be analysed by a UKAS-accredited laboratory for TVC, E-Coli, Coliform and Legionella.
We will provide a written control scheme for the management, prevention and control of identified risks of Legionellosis, including a program for regular inspections, water analysis, temperature checks and record keeping, to demonstrate compliance with L8.
H2O Comply will also advise on remedial recommendations., with a prioritised list of recommended remedial work, with budget costings available upon client request.
We can also provide a risk-graded priority system for all remedial actions, detailing specified areas of potential risk or non-compliance, on request.