Water Sampling

Ensuring your water is fit to drink and use.

Do you need Water Sampling Services?

Water sampling and analysis should form part of your Legionella control methods and overall water hygiene scheme. Whether you suspect your water may be contaminated, or are in need of chemical analysis, count on H2O Comply for accurate and reliable water testing. 

Wherever there is the potential for microorganisms to grow in hot and cold water systems, microbiological sampling should be carried out.

Areas that will benefit from Water Sampling & Testing

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What makes H2O Comply the ideal choice for your water sampling needs?

H2O Comply carries out all water sampling in accordance with BISRA guidance, with swift consultations on analysis results, ensuring everything is explained clearly including recommended actions.

We are trained to be able to retrieve samples from confined spaces, and our assessors work to strict guidelines with current legislation and guidance.

We use an independent UKAS-accredited laboratory for analysis to ensure genuine results.

Legionella Water Sampling Service

Regular water sampling and testing will help to prevent any outbreaks of Legionella bacteria in your water systems. Our team of water hygiene experts are equipped to handle sampling and testing to ensure your health and safety are put first. 

All sampling is done in accordance with BS 8515:2009 and the Environment Agency guidance. And swimming pool and spa water sampling are carried out in accordance with the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG).

  • Total Viable Counts (TVC)
  • Water quality testing
  • Coliform – Evaluates the quality of water
  • Faecal Coliform – Indicates contamination from human or animal waste
  • E-Coli testing (it has a short life in water so is an indication of recent contamination)
  • Checking for biofilm (which affects taste among other things)
  • Sampling suites in accordance with the private drinking water regulations 2009
  • Consultation on analysis results
  • Testing rainwater harvesting systems
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H2O Comply engineers understand the importance of health, and checking your water for dangerous bacteria should be a priority for your home or business.

Outstanding work

“What an Outstanding job by Trevor and his team, they cleaned my water tank, tested my water and everything. I now have a contract in place with them to deal with it. I have peace of mind knowing I have H2O and their understanding of legionnaires disease, cleaning of tanks and so much more, it’s less stressful for me.”