Commercial Properties Water Hygiene Services

Does your commercial property water system need testing ?

Water Testing for Commercial Properties

At H2O Comply, we understand the vital importance of water hygiene in commercial properties. Our specialised services are designed to ensure safe and sustainable workplace practices by providing comprehensive water testing, water tank and pipe chlorination, and tailored recommendations to enhance water hygiene standards. 

With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we aim to support landlords and business owners in maintaining the highest levels of water hygiene for their commercial properties. Whether you own a series of flats, offices, or other commercial buildings, contact the team today to request your quote and safeguard your tenants and employees. 

Our comprehensive water testing services include:

  • Microbial Analysis: Identifying the presence of harmful bacteria, viruses, and parasites, including Legionella testing
  • Chlorine Disinfection: Applying precise chlorination techniques to eradicate pathogens and prevent bacterial growth.
  • Regular Maintenance: Tailored schedules for tank and pipe cleaning and chlorination to ensure continuous water hygiene.
  • Compliance Monitoring: Ensuring adherence to local regulations and standards.

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We aim to reply within 24 working hours

We aim to reply within 24 working hours