Boiler repairs & water system works

Industry-leading Water Quality Consultants in the South East

From setting up rainwater collection systems to ensuring you have an effective Thermostatic Mixer Valve across the UK, you can count on the services of H2O Comply.

Rainwater harvesting systems

Reduce your reliance on mains water and cut your emissions by collecting rainwater to use in your manufacturing processes. We can install and maintain a range of rainwater collectors, ideal for a range of uses including:

Thermostatic Mixer Valves (TMV)

A Thermostatic Mixer Valve (TMV) acts to control the temperature of your home or business’ water, to prevent it from coming out of a tap or outlet at too high temperatures. Limiting your hot water’s temperature can prevent serious burns and other injuries.

H2O Comply installs, maintains and services all types of TMV. We offer servicing, fail-safe testing, monitoring and adjusting to required temperatures. If you have a query concerning TMVs please feel free to contact us, we’re happy to provide free advice on any of our services.

Boilers and calorifiers

Boilers and calorifiers ensure your property can access plenty of hot water, either for staff/customer use or as part of our production process. Based in H2O Comply provides a complete range of boiler and calorifier work for clients in London, Kent, Essex, Sussex and many other locations throughout the South East of England.

Our engineers carry out a wide range of heating works for clients’ industrial requirements, covering installations, repairs and maintenance for all types of boiler and calorifier. We undertake all sizes of projects, from complete boiler house refurbishment to the replacements of pumps and heater controls.

Need help with your water system?

H2O Comply are happy to help you with your boiler needs as well as water system works. Contact us today to get started.

Amazing service

“Highest quality of works and very good customer service. Helped our site from tank cleans/new installs/ repairs everything we’ve needed doing they have been spot on with…even with specialist pipework no one would help us with. Always willing to go the extra mile and we wouldn’t use anyone else.”