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4 Reasons You May Need Tank Chlorination

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Tank chlorination is imperative in maintaining your hot and cold water systems and ensuring they are clean and free of bacteria. Legionella bacteria is a common occurrence in water tank systems and must be handled with care and efficiency. Regular tank cleaning and tank chlorination prevents sediment build up which prevents this growth of legionella bacteria. Here, we take a closer look at four key reasons why you may need tank chlorination:

1. Legionella Bacteria

Arguably the most pertinent and obvious reason to have instant tank chlorination carried out is to eradicate the risk of legionella bacteria spreading. Legionella is a harmful bacteria that can cause serious infections and disease spreading. Legionnaires disease, Pontiac fever and Lochgoilhead fever are all caused by Legionella bacteria. A naturally occurring, rod-shaped bacteria, Legionellosis infections are contracted by the deep inhalation of small water droplets that have become contaminated. These are known as aerosols.

Both the Pontiac and Lochgoilhead fevers are typically non-fatal, often resulting in flu-like symptoms such as coughs, difficult breathing, chest pain and a high temperature. Legionnaires disease, however, is a form of pneumonia and must be treated by a medical professional immediately, or else it can prove fatal. Legionella Bacteria is well documented to be found in a wide range of both natural and artificial water systems and can be particularly prominent in your water tank.

In the event that any other types of bacterial traces are discovered during a routine legionella risk assessment or inspection, such as animal faecal matter or E Coli, a water tank chlorination will also be recommended.

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2. New Pipework Connected To Water Mains

Whenever new pipework is connected to your existing water mains, it’s important to have your system flushed and chlorinated to ensure it is clean, safe and fit for human use and consumption. If you fail to chlorinate your tank at this stage, you could be placing the health of yourself and others at considerable risk from exposure to contaminated water.

If you are part of a commercial organisation, it is important to note that you will need an auditable chlorination certificate, which will be provided to you by H2O Comply. This certificate serves as official documentation of the chlorination process carried out by our team. It contains comprehensive details regarding the procedure, including the specific date and time of the chlorination, the type and concentration of disinfectant utilised, and the duration of the chlorination process.

Moreover, the certificate includes pertinent information about the water system that underwent chlorination, such as its location and the specific components that were treated. This ensures a high level of transparency and accountability, allowing you to easily track and verify the entire chlorination process.

Having an auditable certificate in place provides an added layer of assurance, especially for commercial organizations, as it demonstrates a commitment to maintaining water hygiene standards and can be presented as tangible evidence of compliance.

3. Infrequent Use

If you have been using your water tank system infrequently, there’s a strong possibility your system hasn’t been regularly flushed due to this infrequent interaction. This can later lead to sediment building up within your system, which can spill over and contaminate your water tank. Equally, failing to flush the system at regular intervals will allow the water to become dormant, which, when combined with a fluctuating temperature, will lead to legionella bacteria developing.

4. New Builds or Renovation

If a property is either a new building or an existing property that has undergone renovation work, it’s not uncommon for their current water storage facilities to potentially become compromised. Whenever you renovate an existing property or invest in a new build, you should have your water tank flushed and chlorinated.

H2O Comply implements optimal water tank chlorination and disinfection services and is acknowledged as one of the leading experts in water hygiene. Our professional team of experienced mechanical engineers and plumbers provide our clients with a comprehensive and environmentally safe service for water tank chlorination throughout Rochester, London, and the South-East. Contact us today.

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