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Why Is Microbiological Sampling Important?

Microbiological sampling is a crucial practice for assessing the quality of water, as it plays a vital role in maintaining a person’s health. Consuming approximately 3 liters of clean and healthy water per day is recommended, considering that humans can only survive for about three days without it. However, visually acceptable water can sometimes be teeming with harmful bacteria, such as legionella, which can lead to serious illnesses.

That is why it is essential to ensure that the water you consume undergoes thorough microbiological sampling to guarantee its safety and hygiene.

Microbiological Sampling in a lab

Microbiological Sampling From Water Engineers

Microbiological sampling involves testing water for hygienic purposes and the presence of diseases. This process ensures that the water you drink or supply is suitable for consumption and use. Microbiological water sampling encompasses various tests, including evaluations for coliform and faecal coliform, which indicate potential contamination from human or animal waste.

Additionally, the sampling process tests for E. coli and legionella, as these bacteria can cause severe illness. It also assesses the water quality and checks for biofilm formation, which may impact the taste and other characteristics of the water you drink.

Microbiological sampling is used in various places where water is present. This can include water tanks in homes, businesses and other commercial buildings, along with places where water is produced and distributed. You can also test the water in swimming pools, lakes, hot tubs, spas and anywhere else that water is present and is either used or consumed.

By having your water sampled and certified safe, you can rest easy knowing it is safe to use and consume.

Where To Sample

Microbiological sampling should be conducted in areas where microorganisms have the potential to grow. The following are common locations where sampling is recommended:

●     Hot and cold water systems

●     Areas where storage tanks contain potable water

●     Systems dosed with biocides

●     Storage and distribution temperatures are low

●     Where a legionella outbreak is suspected

●     Building with high-risk residents such as care homes or hospitals

●     When a water hygiene risk assessment recommends microbiological sampling

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If you require microbiological water sampling, work with H2O Comply Limited today. We are trained to retrieve samples from wherever is needed, even in confined spaces, and carry out all our sampling in accordance with BISRA guidance. Our team of experts operate in accordance with all current legislation and guidelines, working to provide you with quick results.

Make sure your water is safe to drink and use by calling today on 0800 6893 463. We also offer a range of other water services, so visit our website now to find out more.

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