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Connecting New Mains Pipework

When building a new home in Kent, understanding the process of connecting new mains pipework is essential. This guide focuses on the necessity of involving a water hygiene specialist and complying with local water authority regulations, specifically those in Kent like Southeast Water, Thames Water, and Affinity Water.

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Importance of Water Hygiene Specialists

Involving a water hygiene specialist in the installation of new mains pipework ensures that the water supply meets health standards and regulatory compliance. These professionals are pivotal in testing and certifying that the water system is safe and free from contaminants before it is used. Given the complexities of water regulations, their expertise is invaluable in navigating the required procedures and documentation.

Step-by-Step Guide to Connecting New Mains Pipework

  1. Application Process To start, homeowners need to apply for a new water connection with their local water authority—Thames Water, Southeast Water, or Affinity Water. This process involves submitting site details, a proposed pipework plan, and ensuring compliance with the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999​
  2. Choosing the Right Plumber It’s recommended to hire a plumber who is WaterSafe approved. This certification means the plumber can self-certify their work, simplifying the compliance process. If a non-WaterSafe plumber is used, the installation will require an inspection by the water authority to ensure it meets all legal requirements​
  3. Installation and Inspection After approval, the plumber will install the new mains pipework. This installation must adhere to specific dimensions and materials cited in the application to avoid future compliance issues. If the installation is not up to standard, a re-inspection may be necessary, which could incur additional costs​
  4. Final Connection and Chlorination Once the installation passes inspection, the final connection to the main water supply can be made. For larger pipes, a chlorination process is required to ensure water safety before the system goes live​

Local Regulations and Costs

The cost of connecting to the water main varies and depends on factors like the pipe size and the distance to the main connection. Each water authority in Kent has its fee structure and guidelines, which are periodically updated. It’s crucial to check with the respective water authority for an accurate and up-to-date quotation​

Why Compliance Matters

Ensuring compliance with local water regulations is not just about adhering to legal requirements; it’s also about safeguarding the health of the household. Non-compliance can lead to serious health risks and potential legal penalties.

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